Friday, April 5, 2013

story time.

Well, if you've been here for long, you know I love to hear and tell a story more than hot, salty french fries. Its close, mind you. But stories win every time. Naturally, that means I am a huge fan of The Moth Podcast.

So, I was particularly thrilled when Lyndsay told me about Nashville establishing its own monthly storytelling event! Less than a mile from my house? Even better. The stars had aligned, as they say.

A table full of friends (I think I may have been the only one that knew everybody at our table) perched happily in the back of  the room waiting for the fun to begin. Added joy? My dear friend Brian (who is married to my beloved Julie) was in town with a friend for a conference. Fresh off his flight from Baton Rouge, he zipped in ready to listen... and contribute!

The organizers arranged for five planned story tellers and opened it up for audience participants as well.  Those of us, who were willing, put our names in a hat and waited. There was no particular theme, so the range of stories was fun. Brian's name was called and he knocked it out of the park with a story that had the crowd gut laughing.

Just as the evening was coming to a close (all five speakers had gone- all five audience members), the hostess announced everyone had stayed within their time frame and we had time for another. She reached into the hat and drew... (shocker) MY NAME!

HERE is the story I shared (which you may recognize from days of old).

Enjoy the beautiful weather (assuming it is as gorgeous where you are as it is in Music City this weekend!)


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Reality | Joy | Sore

The reality is that I have no business being conscious right now... 12:48am. It happens to be my favorite time but STILL. Its too dang late and now my stomach is growling because it thinks its time for another meal.

Why shouldn't I be awake? Well, I'm getting sick again. (note to self: research why I get a cold every month in spite of clean eating.) I tossed and turned all night last night so I'm so tired that I'm borderline weapy and no one wants to see that. Also, I don't drink coffee any more so I know tomorrow will hurt. Tuesdays are always my hardest days but it will be amplified tomorrow.

Another reason? I took my first class at Crossfit tonight and it kicked my booty. I may not be able to walk tomorrow (not the cute, "hehe, I can't skip down the hall" stuff... I'm talking, "how badly do I really need to use the bathroom" sort of decision making level stuff.) I do not frequently have this feeling, so it needs to be documented... I was absolutely exhausted by the intensity of that workout and yet, I am hooked! Stay tuned for semi/ somewhat regular occasional updates. Who knows? I may just get up to 6 pull ups, y'all.

Can I just say that I feel like I'm living a great life lately? Sure, I have a bajillion things to be grateful for. I always have. There's just something electric about this season. I feel empowered, focused, and confident.

I CANNOT believe I haven't shown you one thousand photos of my beloved niece yet. I mean, how is that possible? All in due time. She is more than every perfect word I can try to muster. Simply: she is my delight and makes my heart sing like a crazy person. I love her deeply and I want you to get to bask in her insane preciousness.

So, here, darlings... here she is:
She was 10 hours old and getting kissed by her mama here. Le sigh.

Now I must go sleep... or toss and turn. I have missed this space and you.


Thursday, December 6, 2012


It seems three days without human interaction is about all I can handle.

I've spent the last three days on my couch trying to rest off the Bronchitis that founds its way (back) into my lungs. That's twice in a month and being sick makes me feel pitiful and, well, lonely. I never want anyone to be nervous about getting sick, so I won't let people come over when I'm under the weather. The thing is, when I've had roommates in the past, they stick around and its just nice to have another body in the house. OK- nice to have someone to watch "Its Complicated" with (shout out, E.W.)

Here are things that make me feel better when I'm sick:

- Binge watching a TV series (Friday Night Lights, Felicity, etc... this time it was Homeland.)
- Stove popped popcorn. for all three meals.
- Ginger ale. Because I'm human and know it fixes things.
- Twinkly Christmas lights. (ok- not always a guarantee but worked out this time.)
- Facetime with Kristin.
- Before and after testimonials of ANYTHING. The interwebs are replete with stories of Paleo diet enthusiasts, hair cuts, or home improvements... anything. I love a makeover.
- Listening to brilliant music. It just so happens that Dave Brubeck died while I was sick so I made a bit of a playlist to "pour one out" in honor of a genius. Jazz is always right on time in my book.
- Calling my mom to tell her how I feel. Her voice is chicken soup.
- Painting my nails. Multiple times.
- Naps on the couch.

So, dears, I hope you're having a better week than me. Don't get me wrong- I can't say I've minded all this nice rest but it would be so much more fun if I could just. stop. coughing.